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Let's admit it: the appearance of Calculate Linux 17 and earlier was not easy to configure. As all system tools use static paths to image files, you can not change anything unless you delete the theme package first, or create and apply templates for more automated configuration. In the latter case, you had also to think about image resolution, so that not to overload your computer with too big a wallpaper, nor to distort a too small one. And should you want to change appearances on a CL Live USB drive, bootable on different hardware, you had provide for all possible resolution patterns, at least for the Grub or bootup screen. All this was cumbersome and tricky. That is why Calculate users often preferred standard appearance, even though many maintained their customized version of the distribution.

It took us some time to find a flexible solution for unfamiliar or non-expert users, working either on a hard disk or on a Live USB drive. Calculate tools and templates were rewritten.


Something you might want to know about Calculate Utilities 3.5.1

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As you might have noticed, Calculate Utilities have been updated recently. A small yet important update.


Calculate Utilities 3.5 beta released

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The first beta of Calculate Utilities 3.5 has been made available. The brand new sys-apps/calculate-utils package now features server configuration tools, even though only only basics are supported for the time being, such as database deployment, LDAP server configuration, creating accounts for Unix users, files and configuration backups, etc. We completely rewrote the server utilities. Server templates were moved to the Calculate overlay. Two more USE flags, backup and server, were added to the package, which stand respectively for creating backups and server configuration. Until they have been implemented, the new server features will not be available for Calculate Directory Server. Instead, a transitory solution called Timeless will be released regularly, to be later merged with CDS.


We are nine (3 comment)

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Nine years ago, Calculate Linux was born.


Defaulting to Python 3.4

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Hello gals and guys,

We have just added a new revision to the testing repo, which makes Python 3.4 the default option.

Available Python interpreters:
[1] python2.7
[2] python3.4 *

Migrating to KDE5 Soon (7 comment)

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Hello all,

Here is some news from Gentoo maintainers:

KDE Workspaces 4.11 has reached end of life and is no longer supported by upstream. It is therefore recommended for all users to upgrade to KDE Plasma 5.

A detailed upgrade guide is available [1], but in most cases it is enough to switch to the new desktop/plasma profile, update @world, and emerge kde-plasma/plasma-meta:

eselect profile list
eselect profile set <target>
emerge --ask --changed-use --newrepo --deep world
emerge --ask --verbose kde-plasma/plasma-meta

If you normally use KDM to launch Plasma, note that it is no longer supported. Upstream recommends x11-misc/sddm instead which is pulled in by plasma-meta by default. OpenRC users should edit /etc/conf.d/xdm and update DISPLAYMANAGER. Systemd users should run: systemctl reenable sddm.service

Due to an an evolution of KDE upstream's release process [2], the traditional monolithic KDE 4 release is now split into three distinct components. This means that KDE Applications are now separate from the Plasma desktop and older KDE 4-based applications will continue to function as normal inside Plasma 5.
KDE Workspaces 4.11 will remain in the tree for a reasonable time, but be warned that it is unmaintained and may cause conflicts with newer versions of KDE Applications.



Testing vs Stable

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In Calculate Linux 14 and earlier, all binary updates were stored in a single Git repository, whatever the flavour. Packages were thus updated at the same time as the Portage and overlays master branch was. Back then, as very few hosting platforms allowed automatic modifications, we only used two physical mirrors (the second one was for backup). It was not a good solution in terms of reliability, as well as for testing purposes. In fact, we could only test packages when building them; binary packages


Meet CLSK beta!

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CLSK stands for Calculate Linux Scratch with KDE 5, finally made available by the CL team. Like our AcoolA project a few years ago, it is mainly for testing the framework as much as Calculate template settings.


News (July 2015)

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Unique package instances in binary repos

Calculate is on a three-step way to a better system organization. After profiles unification and making lightweight CL versions inherit from the main ones, the last but not the least was simplifying the repositories structure. Let us see what it is all about.


Cl-Kernel Is Back

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We missed it as much as you did. After seven months without cl-kernel, a Calculate Linux automatic kernel configuration tool forked from genkernel, we decided to resume its development. Better still, it was completely reshaped.


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