Thanks to all people who provide their servers for Calculate Linux!

Here you can find links to Live CD/DVD image of the system which is a full working version of Calculate Linux. After booting from the Live CD/DVD you can install it on the hard disk or toy with the system. To download the image select one of the FTP/HTTP mirrors or take advantage of downloading from BitTorrent.

If you provide services for the introduction or spread of Calculate Linux, including through online stores, email us and we will add you to this page. If you are using an enterprise distribution, add your firm, see Introduction.


Stable Version

Latest Calculate Linux releases, distributed via BitTorrent.


Weekly images of distros, which contain all the latest changes.



  • Belarus: FTP HTTP
  • Bulgaria: HTTP
  • Ecuador: FTP HTTP
  • Italy: HTTP
  • France: FTP
  • Kazakhstan: HTTP
  • Russia: FTP
  • Russia: FTP HTTP
  • Russia: FTP
  • Russia: FTP
  • Russia: FTP HTTP
  • Romania: FTP
  • Ukraine: FTP
  • United States: FTP HTTP
  • United States: HTTP


  • Belarus: rsync://
  • Ecuador: rsync://
  • Italy: rsync://
  • Kazakhstan: rsync://
  • Russia: rsync://
  • Russia: rsync://
  • Romania: rsync://
  • United States: rsync://
  • United States: rsync://

Online Stores

Thank you!