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General discussion
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RE: cl-update cron job killing my laptop
Any useful documentation
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RE: Linux tutorial site
Hardware Related Issues
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RE: Kernel upgrade and nvidia driver
Networking and Wireless
Networking Related Issues
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RE: BCM43142 quick howto
Calculate Linux Desktop KDE
CLD - modern desktop-based graphical environment KDE, which can perform most office tasks
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RE: Firefox 41 : segfault
Calculate Linux Desktop MATE
CLDM - modern desktop-based graphical environment Mate, which can perform most office tasks
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RE: system not booting into GUI after kernel upgrade
Calculate Linux Desktop XFCE
Light version of the desktop, allowing to work on weak PC RAM from 196 MB. The system supports all features of KDE version.
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RE: system language
Calculate Linux Scratch
With CLS, you can create bootable livecd and usb-flash distributions of any set of software. Is intended primarily for administrators and all users who wish to have your own distribution Linux, optimized for certain tasks.
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RE: How to connect to internet with wifi?
Calculate Media Center
Specialized distribution for home media center based on XBMC
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Calculate Directory Server
CDS can act as a domain controller that allows using utilities Calculate 2 simple unix-like commands to configure Samba, Mail, Jabber, Proxy Services.
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CDS container template for LXC ?
Calculate Scratch Server
CSS - a server with a minimal set of programs, suitable for lifting a Web server, Firewall and other tasks
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RE: Is there a Calculate Web Server distribution, ready t...
Calculate Utilities
Utilities installation, assembly, configuration and management system
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RE: Template error during grub setup
Features design templates, case studies on specific tasks
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RE: Use templates with CLDX
FR : Discussions
Calculate Linux, ça se discute ici. En français et sans limitation.
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Mise à jour du kernel
FR : Tutoriels Calculate
Tutoriels, guides de prise en main... Tout ce que vous avez toujours voulu savoir sur CL sans jamais oser le demander !
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RE: Cl-Update-Profile : quelques nouvelles astuces
PT: Discussões
Calculate Linux, que é discutido aqui. Em português, sem qualquer limitação.
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RE: Como passar a barra de tarefas para a parte debaixo
PT: Tutoriais Calculate
Tutoriais, Guias de aperto... Tudo o que você sempre quis saber sobre a CL, mas tinham medo de perguntar!
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RE: Uma breve introdução para novatos

Also available in: Atom

Thank you!