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You can learn about Linux ® here.
The Calculate project features several distributions, optimized for two distinct groups of people: home users as well as small and medium businesses that prefer open-source to proprietary solutions.

Calculate Linux Desktop is a complementary solution for the Server and together they provide important features like roaming profiles and centralized software deployment.

Calculate Directory Server can successfully replace a Windows NT ® domain controller (Windows clients supported) and provides additional services that can be deployed in a matter of minutes: LDAP, Mail, Jabber and many others.

Calculate Linux is based on Gentoo that is well known for its stability and great performance on a broad range of hardware: from Pentium Pro to modern CPUs.


You can watch the full video here.

Why make another distribution?

Most of the modern Linux distributions are intended for enthusiasts, except Novell SLES/SLED, Ubuntu and RedHat EL. However, even if you use these, setting up a client/server environment could be tricky (especially when you have to manage both Windows and Linux clients). We created our own distribution to help other people who want to use GNU/Linux instead of a proprietary OS for their business needs.

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Forum activity

10/15 - RE: Teamviewer has no gui after the start (dragan legic)

*What's happening? I started a manual update eix-sync, cl-update and he is trying to update the programs to an unstable version. Programs are looking for eg. dev-qt / qtgui 5.11.1 and these are parts of a newer version of plasma. Plasma is version 5.12.5 and its parts are e.g. dev-qt / qtgui 5.9.6. …

10/15 - RE: Teamviewer has no gui after the start (dragan legic)

Has anyone noticed a question and a problem for teamviewer 13? In other linux teamviewer 13 works normally. I have KDE-plasma Calculate, Sasa has XFCE Calculate. Teamviewer needs us to help other users Calculate linux.

10/14 - RE: [solved] syslog-ng consumes too high CPU usage, 40% to 53% (. vmolution)

To set this permanently in live usb,

1. open terminal
2. su
3. leafpad /run/initramfs/live/boot/grub/grub.cfg
4. make changes accordingly, save and reboot

10/14 - RE: syslog-ng consumes too high CPU usage, 40% to 53% (. vmolution)

Adding pci=noaer during boot, press [e] in grub solves this issue, found this in ubuntu thread on internet.


10/14 - [solved] syslog-ng consumes too high CPU usage, 40% to 53% (. vmolution)

Hi Calculate Linux Desktop,

I boot from USB pendrive on HP laptop, notice the CPU usage is very high for syslog-ng

dmesg also got non-stop error message,

[  861.552020] pcieport 0000:00:1d.3: AER: Corrected error received: 0000:00:1d.3
[  861.552…

10/13 - RE: Can't unlock KDE session (Silvio Arnone)

Hi Jose,

Thank you for the kind concern, I have been following your hint but unfortunately it did'nt solve.
That line in /etc/sudoers file was commented indeed but uncommenting it session is still blocked.

Ciao :)

10/13 - RE: Can't unlock KDE session (Jose Jurado)

Hi Silvio,

Hopefully this will help, as on a previous install of Calculate Linux (xfce version) a few months ago I seem to recall a similar situation where I couldn't log in at the display manager.

Was your user set at install to have administrative rights (i.e. to be a member of the wheel g…

10/13 - RE: Teamviewer has no gui after the start (dragan legic)

update packet before teamviewer stop work

quiet-build=n --verbose --getbinpkg --usepkg @world
1539369197: >>> emerge (1 of 14) sys-process/audit-2.8.3 to /
1539369197: >>> emerge (2 of 14) app-arch/zstd-1.3.4-r1 to /
1539369197: >>> emerge (3 of 14) media-libs/assimp-4.0.1 to /

10/12 - RE: Teamviewer has no gui after the start (dragan legic)

Today I did an update CLD and the program stopped working
Teamviewer has no gui after launch, version 13.2.13582

CheckCPU: SSE2 support: yes
Checking setup...
Launching TeamViewer ...
Launching TeamViewer GUI ...[/code]

10/12 - RE: Installation en simple boot sur 2 disques{ (/dev/nvme0n1) & (/dev/sda) ]: choix du systeme fichiers & partitionnement. (L Espace Uniste)

En prenant l'officielle Iso de la 18 en mode graphique, voilà ce que j’obtiens:
à la phase " On désarchive l'image système"
"FAILED: impossible de copier les fichiers de
error reading

Thank you!