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You can learn about Linux ® here.
The Calculate project features several distributions, optimized for two distinct groups of people: home users as well as small and medium businesses that prefer open-source to proprietary solutions.

Calculate Linux Desktop is a complementary solution for the Server and together they provide important features like roaming profiles and centralized software deployment.

Calculate Directory Server can successfully replace a Windows NT ® domain controller (Windows clients supported) and provides additional services that can be deployed in a matter of minutes: LDAP, Mail, Jabber and many others.

Calculate Linux is based on Gentoo that is well known for its stability and great performance on a broad range of hardware: from Pentium Pro to modern CPUs.



You can watch the full video here.

Why make another distribution?

Most of the modern Linux distributions are intended for enthusiasts, except Novell SLES/SLED, Ubuntu and RedHat EL. However, even if you use these, setting up a client/server environment could be tricky (especially when you have to manage both Windows and Linux clients). We created our own distribution to help other people who want to use GNU/Linux instead of a proprietary OS for their business needs.

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Forum activity

07/06 - RE: cl-update cron job killing my laptop (Alexander Tratsevskiy)

Hi Scott,

cl-setup-update --autocheck-interval 3d


cl-setup-update --autocheck off

07/03 - cl-update cron job killing my laptop (Scott Bertilson)

This beast runs every hour and drags my laptop into the mud each time. It seems really questionable whether it really needs to do this every hour - isn't 1 update window per day sufficient?

If I change the cron job to execute in the middle of the night but my laptop is suspended or hibernated, w…

06/26 - RE: cl-install (Antonio Hutsona)

I still dont get it

cl-install --disk=/dev/sda1:/:ext4 --disk=/dev/sda3:/home --mbr=/dev/sda -l en_US
  • Error in parameter -d, --disk. The root partition should be at least 7 Gb
    /dev/sda1 must but cannot be formatted, as it is mounted to /boot/efi on the current system

> * Error in param…

06/26 - RE: cl-install (Julien DAL)


Try with this example :

cl-install --disk=/dev/sda1:/:ext4 --disk=/dev/sda3:/home --mbr=/dev/sda -l fr_FR -u user --hostname --netconf networkmanager --video other

sda1 will be format with ext4 filesystem and no for sda3 who mount an existing partition…

06/26 - cl-install (Antonio Hutsona)

whats the proper way to use cl-install? I'm getting this error.

calculate /var/calculate/linux # cl-install
  • To install the system, you need to specify the root device. Use the parameter -d, --disk.

calculate /var/calculate/linux # cl-install -d /dev/sda3

> * Error in parameter -d, …

06/19 - RE: cl-update (offenbach offenbach)

Excelent , it's a good ideea , I didn't think on it before ! Thank you very much ! After I posted , I found on Google that their server was - temporarilly (?) - out of the work ! I solved it now . offenbach.

06/19 - RE: cl-update (Adrien Daugabel)


Yes, the ebuild wget the binary directly on Google Servers, but the binary isn't here.

It's okay now.

But, for other times, you can note this :
You can mask temporarily this package

Add this line into /etc/portage/package.mask/custom


06/16 - RE: Thunderbird en Français (Christophe Descroizette)

Salut Julien,

Merci pour ton aide.
je viens de faire la manip. avec Thunderbird 38.0.1 et c'est toujours en Anglais.
Par ailleurs, je viens de me rendre compte que "Calculate Console" et "Calculate Linux Update" sont en carafe : aucune réaction quand je clique dessus.

Rectification : un cl-u…

06/16 - RE: Thunderbird en Français (Julien DAL)


Tu installes ton Thunderbird comment ?

Perso, j'utilise la version binaire et donc pour l'avoir en français je mets cela dans :

mail-client/thunderbird-bin -crashreporter -linguas_* linguas_fr

Ça marche pareil avec la…

06/16 - Thunderbird en Français (Christophe Descroizette)


Comment puis-je faire pour avoir la dernière mouture de Thunderbird en Français ?
Impossible d'installer le fichier .xpi qui correspond (pas compatible avec Firefox, déjà installé)...


Thank you!