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Name Category Description
abiword app-office Fully featured yet light and fast cross platform word processor
akonadi kde-apps Storage service for PIM data and libraries for PIM apps
bind net-dns BIND - Berkeley Internet Name Domain - Name Server
bind net-dns BIND - Berkeley Internet Name Domain - Name Server
bind-tools net-dns bind tools: dig, nslookup, host, nsupdate, dnssec-keygen
calligra app-office KDE Office Suite
cegui dev-games Crazy Eddie's GUI System
cfengine net-misc An automated suite of programs for configuring and maintaining Unix-like computers
clamav app-antivirus Clam Anti-Virus Scanner
clang sys-devel C language family frontend for LLVM
Config-Any dev-perl Load configuration from different file formats, transparently
corosync sys-cluster OSI Certified implementation of a complete cluster engine
crystal dev-lang The Crystal Programming Language
ctags dev-util Exuberant Ctags creates tags files for code browsing in editors
cyberjack dev-libs REINER SCT cyberJack USB chipcard reader user space driver
dcmtk sci-libs The DICOM Toolkit
djvu app-text DjVu viewers, encoders and utilities
dose3 dev-ml Library to perform analysis on package repositories
dvbtune media-tv simple tuning app for DVB cards
elektra app-admin Framework to store config parameters in hierarchical key-value pairs

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