Add linux lm_sensors (hardware sensors) support
Name Category Description
bfgminer net-misc Modular Bitcoin ASIC/FPGA/GPU/CPU miner in C
gkrellm app-admin Single process stack of various system monitors
jack-smf-utils media-sound Utilities for MIDI streams and files using Jack MIDI
ksysguard kde-plasma Network-enabled task manager and system monitor
mate-sensors-applet mate-extra MATE panel applet to display readings from hardware sensors
monitorix www-misc A lightweight system monitoring tool
net-snmp net-analyzer Software for generating and retrieving SNMP data
sysstat app-admin System performance tools for Linux
vmd sci-chemistry Visual Molecular Dynamics
wizznic games-puzzle Block-clearing puzzle game
xfce4-sensors-plugin xfce-extra A panel plug-in for acpi, lm_sensors and hddtemp sensors

Thank you!