Prefer libav over ffmpeg whenever both are supported
Name Category Description
alsa-plugins media-plugins ALSA extra plugins
aqualung media-sound Music player for a wide range of formats designed for gapless playback
aubio media-libs Library for audio labelling
audacious-plugins media-plugins Audacious Player - Your music, your way, no exceptions
audacity media-sound Free crossplatform audio editor
bino media-video Stereoscopic and multi-display media player
blender media-gfx 3D Creation/Animation/Publishing System
chromaprint media-libs A client-side library that implements a custom algorithm for extracting fingerprints
deadbeef media-sound foobar2k-like music player
devedeng media-video DevedeNG is a program to create video DVDs and CDs (VCD, sVCD or CVD)
dolphin games-emulation Gamecube and Wii game emulator
dvdrip media-video dvd::rip is a graphical frontend for transcode
dvdstyler media-video A cross-platform free DVD authoring application
ffdiaporama media-video Movie creator from photos and video clips
ffmpeg virtual Virtual package for FFmpeg executable implementation
ffmpeg2theora media-video A simple converter to create Ogg Theora files
ffmpegsource media-libs A libav/ffmpeg based source library for easy frame accurate access
ffmpegthumbnailer media-video Lightweight video thumbnailer that can be used by file managers
ffmpegthumbs kde-apps FFmpeg based thumbnail generator for video files
freerdp net-misc Free implementation of the Remote Desktop Protocol

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