Calculate Utilities 3.3.2 released

Added by Alexander Tratsevskiy about 3 years ago

  • Layman 2.3 supported.
  • A script tool was added for faster calculation of variables contained in /usr/libexec/calculate/cl-variable.
  • Local login optimization.
  • Optimized package configuration at compilation time.
  • Optimized handling of calculate.env and ini.env files.
  • 'emerge --info' output optimized.
  • Fetching binaries detection fixed for cl-update.
  • Kernel update fixed, as part of system update.
  • The EMERGE_DEFAULT_OPTS problem fixed.
  • Support added for \xAA symbols within the grep function.
  • Short autopartitioning options added for cl-install.
  • VMWare and Virtio detection added.
  • Domain logout bug fixed.
  • Files in the CONFIG_PROTECT directory now handled correctly.


Thank you!