2.1 Frequently Asked Questions

This page sums up basic recommendations on working with Calculate Linux.

Localization and keyboard layout

How do I switch the keyboard layout?

To switch between keyboard layouts (if you have multiple layouts), press Caps Lock. To lock the upper case, use Shift+CapsLock instead (as on a conventional typewriter)

How do I localize the system after install?

If you have not chosen your language when booting the LiveCD, you will get the default interface locale which is English. You have to become root if you need to change the locale. See the Calculate Utilities documentation to know how.

How do I prevent NumLock from starting on boot?

Execute as root in the command line:

rc-update del numlock

To get NumLock start on boot again, enter:

rc-update add numlock default

More details on initialization scripts can be found here. To learn more on rc-update, see this.

How do I set up the sound card?

If your sound card was not found or if no sound is coming from your speakers, type as root:


This tool will find and configure your sound card.

How do I create new users?

If not told expressly to creat a user account at installation time, Calculate Linux Desktop creates a default one called guest. You might want to use it to explore your new system, or to let your friends do it. To find out how to manage other user accounts please refer to the Creating user accounts guide.

How do I install new software?

A few simple commands allow you to perform updates or to install new programs.

Your system stores the local Portage tree where all available programs are listed. Before you upgrade or install any packages, you will have to update the Portage tree by running


You need to be root to do that.
Once the tree is updated, you can install any new package with

emerge package_name

If you do not know the exact name of the package you need, use eix to search:

eix any_part_of_the_package_name

How do I manage Internet routing in the local network?

To set up Calculate Linux as an Internet router for the local network (, enter:

sysctl -w net.ipv4.ip_forward=1
iptables -t nat -I POSTROUTING -s -j MASQUERADE

Set a new value of net.ipv4.ip_forward in /etc/sysctl.conf.

How do I make new software icons appear on the bottom KDE panel?

  1. Unblock widgets by choosing the applicable option in the right-click desktop menu;
  2. Right-click on the menu icon above on the left and choose "Edit menu";
  3. Make your choice and drag the application icon onto the bottom panel.
Thank you!