2. Configuration of LDAP server


LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) is a network protocol to access the directory service. It is a relatively simple protocol that uses TCP/IP and allows you to perform bind, search and compare operations, as well as add, change or delete records. Usually LDAP-server accepts incoming connections on port 389 TCP or UDP. For LDAP-sessions, encapsulated in SSL, is commonly used port 636.


OpenLDAP is used as the LDAP server in Calculate Directory Server. The server is configured by the package calculate-server from the Calculate 2 utility.

To configure the server, use cl-setup, by typing:

cl-setup ldap

While executing this command, configure the LDAP server, run it and add to autostart list. Be careful, the program will overwrite the LDAP database. You can backup your data, if you worked with the LDAP server before. Passwords for all LDAP services are stored in /etc/calculate/calculate.ldap.

Thank you!