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From 01/25/2015 to 02/23/2015


01:29 am Moving to eudev
h2. The poll
History repeats itself, as the saying goes. That's what it happening to Calculate Linux...


11:36 pm Calculate Utilities released
* Network interfaces are now named correctly with eudev.
* The 'discard' option was added for xfs, jfs and fat files...
Alexander Tratsevskiy
04:09 pm Переход на eudev
h2. Голосование
Всё новое - хорошо забытое старое. Так случилось и сейчас, когда в Calculate Linux б...
Alexander Tratsevskiy


07:30 pm Calculate Utilities released
* A new time-optimized template format, "kernel", was added for kernel configuration.
* Fetching of the list of avai...
Alexander Tratsevskiy


06:10 pm Релиз утилит Calculate 3.3
Мы рады представить новый релиз утилит Calculate!
Новые утилиты устанавливаются одним ebuild-ом *sys-apps/calculat...
Alexander Tratsevskiy
05:41 pm Calculate Utilities 3.3.0 released
* All Calculate Utilities blended in one package, sys-apps/calculate-utils.
* File removal with template headed as ...
Alexander Tratsevskiy

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