The @-sign won't work

Added by Erik Ridderby 7 months ago


Looong time gentoo and funtoo user installed Calculate KDE Desktop for the first time.

Things went well and I managed to upgrade the system if I removed pulseaudio and one other PyQt4 dependencies (some kind of qt screen recorder I think). A compiled gentoo without systemd is what I need right now for my aging laptops.

The one problem I have (so far) is that the @-sign seems impossble to write on the keyboard. I use Swedish keyboard and layout. I have configured /etc/conf.d/keyboard the same way I have in Funtoo (where I am writing this right now). Any hints on how to ted the relevant versions of Swedish layout from KDE and no progress.

Hardware is a Logitec K750 that normally works flawless.

This is the first time I have this kund of problem. Don't know how to proceed.

// Erik

Thank you!