Fresh install

Added by Ying Si 6 months ago

When finding Calculate I did a KDE-Install. But it was to overloaded.
Calulate-Updater was working well.

Now I did a XFCE-Install. But when running Update I got message: You don't have a certificate.

SO: How to do ? Or better: Can you fix this

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RE: Fresh install - Added by chris whittaker 6 months ago

i can only use update through the console if i run this as root first,without the console open otherwise i get told i dont have a Certificate

/etc/init.d/calculate-core start

I am quite a beginner with Calculate / Gentoo and don't know any other way to get certificate thing to work.....

I do all my updates with


which doesn't ask for a certificate

RE: Fresh install - Added by Mikhail Hiretsky 6 months ago

You can create user certificate by command:

cl-core --create-localuser-cert username


Thank you!