Running Dolphin as root

Added by polaca 57 13 days ago

So I decided to try KDE Plasma instead of Cinnamon. Main thing that held me back was KDE root restrictions.
After reading so much about it and with no apparent fix in sight, I tried something on my own, from reading how to use sudo and su.
I created a menu entry "File Manager Root" with command "sudo su - -c dolphin", no quotes of course, and on Advanced tab checked "Run as a different user" and Username: root

Another thing that needs to be done is add XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP="KDE" to environment file /etc/environment
Otherwise dolphin will open with no icons.

So I have Dolphin as root.
I have not seen this "solution" suggested anywhere so I am wondering if it's not a good idea to run it like this? Is it bad idea and why?


Apparently this is the safer method which gives same result


dolphin_root.png (56.8 KB)

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RE: Running Dolphin as root - Added by dragan legic 12 days ago

To know that, but you should not be public because the developers who introduced the ban to the root introduce the ban and this variant. If you've looked at the source, you can see just add amd add rows with dolphin root work bans.
Also, almost every distro plasma can act as a root in GUI mode :)


Thank you!