Calculate Linux 17.6 released (1 comment)

Added by Alexander Tratsevskiy over 1 year ago

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Released on July 1, 2017

We are happy to announce the release of Calculate Linux 17.6, marking the 10th anniversary of the project.

This new version features installation in LXC/LXD containers, theme customization, more stability with automagic dependencies support, better security as editing the kernel params now requires a password and system update can be only performed by users authorized to do so. You will find the details below.

Calculate Linux Desktop featuring KDE (CLD), Cinnamon (CLDC), Mate (CLDM), or Xfce (CLDX) environments, Calculate Linux Scratch (CLS), Calculate Directory Server (CDS), Calculate Scratch Server (CSS), Timeless and Calculate Linux Container (CLC) are available for download.


symbol lookup error after update of Calculate Linux 17

Added by Adrien Daugabel over 1 year ago

Hi everybody,

After update of Calculate Linux 17, you can have application which don't run on your system.

When you launch apps in the terminal, you have an error symbol lookup error.

Example with Chromium :

chromium-browser: symbol lookup error: chromium-browser: undefined symbol: _ZN3re23RE27ReplaceEPNSt7__cxx1112basic_stringIcSt11char_traitsIcESaIcEEERKS0_RKNS_11StringPieceE

Or Clementine :

clementine: symbol lookup error: clementine: undefined symbol: _ZN6google8protobuf8internal13empty_string_B5cxx11E



Your CL new (easily customizable) looks

Added by Elena GAVRILOVA over 1 year ago


Let's admit it: the appearance of Calculate Linux 17 and earlier was not easy to configure. As all system tools use static paths to image files, you can not change anything unless you delete the theme package first, or create and apply templates for more automated configuration. In the latter case, you had also to think about image resolution, so that not to overload your computer with too big a wallpaper, nor to distort a too small one. And should you want to change appearances on a CL Live USB drive, bootable on different hardware, you had provide for all possible resolution patterns, at least for the Grub or bootup screen. All this was cumbersome and tricky. That is why Calculate users often preferred standard appearance, even though many maintained their customized version of the distribution.

It took us some time to find a flexible solution for unfamiliar or non-expert users, working either on a hard disk or on a Live USB drive. Calculate tools and templates were rewritten.


News (June 2017)

Added by Ivan Bulychev over 1 year ago

New chat in Telegram

In 12 days we’ve got 92 participants in Russian speaking group and 15 in English speaking group Calculate Linux in Telegram. Except of those public groups we’ve opened several private groups specialised in topics of localisation, documentation, development and design.


Welcome a new distro for containers - Calculate Linux Container! (1 comment)

Added by Ivan Bulychev over 1 year ago

Calculate Linux family has recently received one more distro - Calculate Linux Container (CLC). It is created specially to be installed in a LXC/LXD container.


Calculate Linux in Telegram

Added by Ivan Bulychev over 1 year ago

The official Calculate Linux group in Telegram is opened!


Calculate Linux is 10 years old

Added by Ivan Bulychev over 1 year ago

10 years ago, on June 6th, 2007 the Calculate Linux project website was opened. Our aim was to find like-minded people, get support and move to a qualitatively new level. The first image of Calculate Linux was distributed as an archive once a month. You needed to download also another archive with a setup program to install the system. Step by step the distribution has grown into something bigger and got recognised in the whole world. We would like to thank all of you who help to develop the project, install the system, support newbies, report bugs.


Something you might want to know about Calculate Utilities 3.5.1

Added by Elena GAVRILOVA almost 2 years ago

As you might have noticed, Calculate Utilities have been updated recently. A small yet important update.


Calculate Linux Desktop 17 Cinnamon released

Added by Alexander Tratsevskiy almost 2 years ago

language Russian

Released on Febuary 2, 2017

Meet the new Calculate Linux Desktop with Cinnamon flavour!

Calculate Linux Desktop Cinnamon (CLDC) features a collection of Gnome 3 applications combined with the [[screenshots|classic CL design]] and the OpenRC init system.

CLDC is the fourth [[cld|Calculate Linux Desktop]] home or corporate environment providing an excellent user experience. We rebranded Cinnamon so as to make it look like a [[user guide|typical Calculate Linux]] desktop, unless it was impossible due to specificities of the environment. When used with Calculate Directory Server, CLDM gets all server settings automatically, without any basic admin intervention whatsoever.


Customizing your desktop with ini.env

Added by Alexander Tratsevskiy almost 2 years ago

A couple of months ago, we in Calculate discussed how the ini.env should be processed more efficiently. On the figure below, a real-life implementation of our new approach, adapted from the original Live USB Calculate Linux Desktop MATE 17, is shown:



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