Add support for libpng (PNG images)
Name Category Description
advancecomp app-arch Recompress ZIP, PNG and MNG, considerably improving compression
afterstep x11-wm A feature rich NeXTish window manager
allegro media-libs A game programming library
aqsis media-gfx Open source RenderMan-compliant 3D rendering solution
ariadne sci-biology Protein sequences and profiles comparison
authres dev-python Authentication Results Header Module
barby dev-ruby Ruby barcode generator that doesn't rely on 3rd party libraries
barnyard2 net-analyzer Parser for Snort unified/unified2 files
blender media-gfx 3D Creation/Animation/Publishing System
calligra app-office KDE Office Suite
camlimages dev-ml An image manipulation library for ocaml
crossover-bin app-emulation Commercial version of app-emulation/wine with paid support.
crystalspace dev-games Portable 3D Game Development Kit written in C++
cups net-print The Common Unix Printing System
cups-filters net-print Cups filters
cvsgraph dev-vcs CVS/RCS repository grapher
dcmtk sci-libs The DICOM Toolkit
devil media-libs DevIL image library
dia app-office Diagram/flowchart creation program
dillo www-client Lean FLTK based web browser

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