Build against PHP 7.2
Name Category Description
igbinary dev-php A fast drop-in replacement for the standard PHP serialize
pecl-imagick dev-php PHP wrapper for the ImageMagick library
pecl-memcached dev-php Interface PHP with memcached via libmemcached library
pecl-ps dev-php PHP extension for creating PostScript files
pecl-redis dev-php PHP extension for interfacing with Redis
pecl-taint dev-php Extension used for detecting XSS code (tainted strings)
pecl-timezonedb dev-php Timezone Database to be used with PHP's date and time functions
pecl-yaml dev-php YAML 1.1 (YAML Ain't Markup Language) serialization for PHP
xapian-bindings dev-libs SWIG and JNI bindings for Xapian

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