EXPERIMENTAL: KDE ebuilds will use the enable-final flag, yielding compilation speedups at the cost of heavy mem usage and potentially causing problems. We strongly discourage setting this
Name Category Description
amarok media-sound Advanced audio player based on KDE framework
audex media-sound Tool for ripping compact discs
basket kde-misc A DropDrawers clone. Multiple information organizer
calligra app-office KDE Office Suite
choqok net-im Free/Open Source micro-blogging client by KDE
cirkuit sci-electronics An application to generate publication-ready figures
digikam media-gfx Digital photo management application
dikt app-dicts A dictionary application that implements the Dict protocol
ekiga net-voip H.323 and SIP VoIP softphone
frescobaldi media-sound A LilyPond sheet music text editor
gnash www-plugins GNU Flash movie player that supports many SWF v7,8,9 features
kaffeine media-video Media player with digital TV support by KDE
kamerka media-video Simple photo taking application with fancy animated interface
kaudiocreator media-sound CD ripper and audio encoder frontend based on KDE Frameworks
kbackup app-backup Program that lets you back up any directories or files
kbibtex app-text BibTeX editor to edit bibliographies used with LaTeX
kcdemu app-cdr Frontend to cdemu daemon based on KDE Frameworks
kchmviewer app-text Feature rich chm file viewer, based on Qt
kcoloredit media-gfx Tool for editing color palettes
kdbg dev-util Graphical debugger interface

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