Calculate Utilities 3.1.9 released

Added by Alexander Tratsevskiy almost 4 years ago

  • Removed opengl setting on server distributions.
  • Fixed configure the video driver for the server.
  • Fixed configure the sound card.
  • Removed installation of a builder-mode.
  • Fixed routing configuration.
  • Resized bios_grub section.
  • Fixed installation on btrfs.
  • Added option '--swap-size' to set the swap partition size.
  • Fixed UEFI installation.
  • Added check to change readonly variables via env file.
  • Added variable 'cl_system_boot_set' to determine the boot system.
  • Fixed execution templates if LDAP is unavailable.
  • Fixed detection of network interfaces, configurable via DHCP.
  • Fixed error handling in templates.
  • Added script to restore the mount points of the domain of the user during waking machine.
  • Added cl_client_domain perform actions on upgrades.
  • Added update nss-cache when entering a domain user session.
  • Added variable 'cl_client_nscd_cache' to set the refresh rate nss cache.

Calculate Utilities 3.1.8 released

Added by Alexander Tratsevskiy about 4 years ago

  • Fixed auto login the domain by using the liveCD kernel parameters.
  • Added a command 'cl-core-custom' to perform a custom action templates.
  • Added options "multiline" and "dotall" to the format "patch".
  • Accelerated the processing of utilities parameters.
  • Added support for specifying the value of options under the description. For example: "--lang=ru_RU" or "--lang=Русский" or "--lang=рус".

Updated translation into Russian and French.

Calculate Utilities 3.1.7 released

Added by Alexander Tratsevskiy about 4 years ago

New internal API Calculate Utilities.

  • Bugfix the definition of the maximum value of the package slot.
  • Fix handling of templates containing a parameter link in the header.
  • Added function to determine the link in network card.
  • Fixed package customization.
  • Fixed handling of '--pkg-name' parameter.
  • Fixed configure the user's session during the installation of the package.
  • Separate messages for the console and GUI client.
  • Fixed completion of the tasks performed in the background cl-core.
  • Fixed message when you need to specify the desired parameter.
  • Fixed the same names sound cards.
  • Added off the network interface settings in the absence of link.
  • Fixed the terminate of KDE session.
  • Added removal of user passwords from key kernel when you log out.
  • Improved disabling user resources when you log out.
  • Compatible with the Pillow.
  • Fixed interrupt task.
  • Fixed errors in the output.

Calculate Utilities 3.1.6 released

Added by Alexander Tratsevskiy over 4 years ago

  • Added support for working with encrypted user directories.
  • Fixed configure /etc/fstab.
  • Fixed setting of the system during the I/O of the domain.
  • Fixed utilities in systems without LDAP module.
  • Added support for configuring the system with parallel load.
  • Added a sound card by default.
  • Added the user logs 'cl-desktop-logout'.
  • The procedure for setting the user profile during the installation packages. User profiles are now set at the entrance to the session, if in the absence of the user in the system have been installed packages.
  • Fixed to work with symbolic links in the user profile.
  • Fixed to work with CIFS.
  • No longer used restart D-Bus with I/O from the domain.

Calculate Utilities 3.1.5 released (2 comments)

Added by Alexander Tratsevskiy over 4 years ago


  • Added support for the format diff
  • Patches for packages moved into templates with the event ac_install_patch
  • The kernel config file and patches moved into templates
  • Fixed interaction with udev-197


  • Added support for UEFI
  • Improved support for grub-2.00
  • Added action ac_install_patch (templates used during the compilation of the package)
  • Improved and fixed automatic layout options (separately created section "boot" taken out of the LVM)
  • Added option - update to install only a new image
  • Added support for naming network devices in udev-197


  • Faster mounting domain resources

Calculate Utilities 3.1.3 released

Added by Alexander Tratsevskiy almost 5 years ago

Calculate Utilities 3.1.3 released

  • Processing "._cfg" Files transferred calculate-lib
  • Added execution dispatch-conf to cl-core-setup
  • Added method dispatch_conf
  • Fixed configure network interfaces
  • Fixed a reaction to broken iso images
  • Support for udev-197
  • Added option "--verbose", "--dispatch-conf", "--templates" for all methods using templates
  • Use "._cfg" files to customize the dependent packages
  • New functions print(), warning(), error().
  • Fixed an error in determining the fully qualified domain name
  • Support gdm-2

Calculate Utilities 3.1.2/2.2.31 released

Added by Alexander Tratsevskiy almost 5 years ago

Changes & Fixes

calculate-install 3.1.2
  • Fixed install and configure nvidia-drivers
  • Added variable os_install_net_status, containing ip address when
    static network interface configuration, off - when off, dhcp for DHCP configuration
  • Parameter - ip renamed - iface and is indicated as follows:
    • --iface eth0:dhcp - to configure for dhcp
    • --iface eth0:off - to disable the interface
    • --iface eth0: - for static networking
  • Fixed transfer DNS settings
calculate-lib 3.1.2
  • An error occurred during the application templates (unknown
    variable, function, etc.) does not interrupt the system configuration, now a warning
calculate-assemble 2.2.31
  • Fixed a system check on the problem packages
  • Fixed installation script generation Nvidia drivers
  • Fixed build with utilities 3.1, support for a new 'world' file
calculate-builder 2.2.31
  • Fixed cl-kernel
  • Added option "--keep-tree" to store Portage in the iso image

Calculate Utilities 3.1.1 released

Added by Alexander Tratsevskiy almost 5 years ago

Changes & Fixes


  • no more shutdown via ACPI with the power button for CLD,CLDX and CLDG
  • fixed kernel detection for cl-builder
  • fixed the script for link creation in the root of a 'build' system
  • cl_install_system renamed to cl_install_disk, cl_desktop_desktop renamed to cl_desktop_profile
  • variables added: ac_install_patch to apply templates at compilation time, ac_install_unmerge for templates to handle removals
  • templates are no longer applied per package
  • on/off values attributed to event variables


  • better usage of flag variables in the command line
  • the calculate-core daemon now starts correctly
  • no more memory leaks
  • fixed the LANG= option for cl-core
  • when called, cl-core-setup checks for files not matching packages and fixes them if needed
  • empty tables viewed correctly
  • ._cfg files supported
  • less information passed when the help page is generated
  • unused options removed from the brief view
  • user profile reconfigured whenever a package is installed
  • system reconfigured whenever a package is removed
  • changed location for some configuration files
  • password fields for two types of passwords: to be confirmed or not
  • extended syntax for setting table variables
  • commands added for viewing and modifying variables
  • for showing progress bars, pyside replaced console programs
  • it is now possible to run console commands with GUI progress viewing and GUI notifications


  • variables from different modules can be used (either as [module.]variable or env=module)
  • the .calculate_directory file can be commented
  • default screen resolutions fixed
  • the belong() function renamed to merge()
  • new world format added for generating the /var/lib/portage/world file
  • the slot can be specified for the pkg function
  • calculate2.env and calculate3.env replaced by calculate.env
  • reading calculate.env from the system profile
  • the run function added, the exec function modified
  • clt templates detected from the merge function
  • parameter 'protected' added, to protect the file from deletion
  • the merge and pkg functions need that the category be specified
  • template handling fixed, for cases when it does not fulfill the condition
  • variable for laptop detection fixed
  • variables containing an empty list fixed for templates
  • update of LVM info fixed
  • for templates to run faster, non-informative progress bars were removed


  • this is a new utility for world update and system revision
  • ac_update_sync updates the world file and handles the system revision


  • numerous variables fixed
  • Portage files unpacking automatically on the first boot from HDD
  • the ac_install_unmerge event added
  • VMware session fixed
  • install from HDD to HDD fixed
  • fixed templates for using the new kernel in builder mode
  • NTFS remounting added
  • update of LVM partitions fixed; they will be detected, too, when running cl-setup-boot/cl-setup-system

calculate-client & calculate-desktop

  • utilities for configuring user sessions and synchronizing profiles with the server now use templates v3.1
  • variable ac_client_undomain added for the client removal event
  • variable ac_desktop_install deleted, relevant templates moved to ac_desktop_merge

Calculate Utilities 3.0.2/2.2.30 released

Added by Alexander Tratsevskiy about 5 years ago

calculate-lib 3.0.2/2.2.30
  • Fixed overlay templates when you install.
  • Fixed using a template with a patch on the file in utf-8 encoding.
  • Fixed an infinite computation in variable.
  • Fixed the pkg() function.
calculate-install 3.0.2
  • Fixed loading on PXE.
  • Fixed using NTFS.
  • Faster installation of proprietary video drivers on first boot.
calculate-client 2.2.30
  • Corrected the definition X user session.
  • Use cl-setup-system instead of the outdated cl-template.
calculate-builder 2.2.30
  • Fixed use of /dev/urandom.
  • Fixed using themes 12.0.
  • Fixed setting grub2 installation kernel.
  • Added cleaning portage.
calculate-assemble 2.2.30
  • Fixed downloading proprietary drivers.
  • Added automatic creation of the script for the installation of proprietary video drivers.
  • Fixed assembly of stage.
  • Added cleaning Portage.
  • Fixed definition distributions for grub2.
  • Fixed loading pxe.
  • Added script unpacking portage and overlay.
  • Fixed the default program for viewing images (CLDG, CLDX).
  • Fixed a quick exit from the XFCE session by Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Del.
  • Fixed buffer exchange in XFCE.
  • Fixed opening attachments in emails.
  • Changed the icon theme in the mail client.
  • Fixed creation of archives of thunar.
  • Autostart pidgin for a domain user.
  • Fixed an exception for nvidia prelink.
  • Various settings pidgin and claws-mail.
  • Fonts for console.
  • Fixed sorting of contacts in pidgin for domain users.
  • Fixed the order to start the service hostname and network settings.
  • Fixed using LVM volumes.

Calculate Utilities 3.0.1 released

Added by Alexander Tratsevskiy over 5 years ago

  • Passing the root password has been modified.
  • Installation on LVM has been fixed.
  • GRUB2 settings have been fixed.
  • Clt templates are now overlaid correctly.
  • D-Bus now autostarts as it should.
  • No more lags when installing packages.

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