Calculate Toolkit 0.1.2 released

Added by Alexander Tratsevskiy over 2 years ago


  • A new option, "--noclean", was introduced to skip 'make clean' before kernel compilation.
  • A new option, "--skip-config", was added to skip kernel customization.
  • localversion support added.

Calculate Utilities released

Added by Alexander Tratsevskiy over 2 years ago

  • The architecture can be specified when configuring a package and applying patches.
  • The 'kernel' template was improved.
  • Configuration can be skipped for specific packages provided by overlays, via new variables we added: cl_setup_skip_merge, cl_setup_skip_patch, cl_setup_skip_profile.
  • Two new functions were added: grep() and kernel().
  • Rsync 3.1.0 supported.
  • Video card detection bug fixed.
  • Patches that contain new files only are now applied correctly in "diff" templates.
  • Inside the pkg() function, USE flags are now processed with no errors on the system to be installed.
  • On newly installed systems, the kernel configuration should be retrieved with no problems.
  • The template bug fixed for domain hosts.

Calculate Utilities released

Added by Alexander Tratsevskiy over 2 years ago

  • Network interfaces are now named correctly with eudev.
  • The 'discard' option was added for xfs, jfs and fat filesystems.
  • 'noop' is used as the default I/O scheduler for VirtualBox volumes.
  • TuxOnIce support detection added for the kernel.
  • The -R (--skip-revdep-rebuild) option was added to skip revdep-rebuild at update time.
  • cl-update will not build in parallel mode (forced behaviour).

Calculate Utilities released

Added by Alexander Tratsevskiy over 2 years ago

  • A new time-optimized template format, "kernel", was added for kernel configuration.
  • Fetching of the list of available IO schedulers (--scheduler list) fixed: those provided by the kernel are now taken into account.
  • Autoselection added for the IO scheduler.
  • The "discard" option was implemented for mounting ext4 partitions on SSD drives.
  • The output of the ~/.calculate/ini.env update will be hidden.

Calculate Utilities 3.3.0 released

Added by Alexander Tratsevskiy over 2 years ago

  • All Calculate Utilities blended in one package, sys-apps/calculate-utils.
  • File removal with template headed as "append=remove" fixed.
  • Special characters support added for the replace() function in templates.
  • Device detection fixed for partitioning.
  • Installation on kvm virtio drives fixed.
  • CD drive detection fixed.
  • Grub 2.02 support added.
  • Btrfs mounting options added for SSD.
  • X autologin fixed.
  • Naming of network interfaces fixed.
  • Data display prior to Flash install fixed.
  • Process status detection fixed for cl-core.
  • Creation of symbolic links for cl-core commands fixed.
  • Moved from SSLv3 to TLSv1_2.
  • Comma separators fixed for options.
  • CIFS drives of domain users mounting correctly now.
  • Condition of the ac_client_undomain event fixed.
  • Autologin from a LiveCD fixed for domain clients.
  • USE flags support added for the pkg() function.
  • Old kernel removal fixed.
  • Detection of binaries at update time fixed.

Calculate Utilities 3.2.3 released

Added by Alexander Tratsevskiy almost 3 years ago

  • A new function, wallpaper(), was added for templates, to be used for selecting an image file with correct resolution.
  • We fixed the behaviour for user profile settings when logging in after a package install.
  • If the file header was the only one thing to be modified, the new configuration will be automatically applied via cl-dispatch-conf.
  • Automatic restart was fixed for the Utilities server.
  • Some localization fixes were performed.
  • Reconnecting to the Utilities server was fixed.
  • The ALSA system is now configured correctly at first runtime.
  • Timezones were updated.
  • A new utility was introduced for autologin setup and user profiles
    encryption (called cl-setup-session).
  • System cleanup was added, that would remove obsolete tarballs and binaries.
  • More options were added for update actions.
  • The packages will now be listed if an error occurs during the update procedure.

Calculate Utilities 3.2.2 released

Added by Alexander Tratsevskiy almost 3 years ago

You can now update to Calculate Utilities 3.2.2. These feature as follows:

General Changes & Fixes
The CU modules were reorganized. The ebuilds will use distutils-r1: no more pyc and pyo rubbish files that Python used to generate when processing. New launch icons are used in Calculate Console. Revision templates adopt a new layout.

  • Numerous modifications were made for the parameters of cl-update and cl-update-profile.
  • The '--emergelist' option was added, that lists packages in emerge format.
  • The 'world' rebuilding procedure was modified as we added new parameters, namely '--rebuild-world', '--merge-world' and '--update-world'.
  • When run, cl-update-profile will reconfigure the system with templates. To avoid this, run the command with the '--skip-setup-system' option.
  • The '--update-rev' option is obsolete and therefore not used anymore. If you do not want to apply templates, please use '-T none'.
  • Perl, Python and Portage are not handled separately at update time.
  • If 'git checkout' is run by mistake, the repository will be recovered (fixed).
  • 'ini.env' was renamed to 'update', as this parameter stands for updates checkup.
  • User configuration at login time was fixed.
  • You are automatically reconnected when restarting the Utilities server.
  • The tray icon changed its behavior.
  • Multiple instances are not allowed for updates checkup.
  • The utility starts correctly when STDIN is absent (fixed).
  • The password authentification was fixed.
  • '._cfg' files are handled again (fixed).
  • Support was added for restarting the Utilities server.
  • We changed something about how the sys-apps/file package was used.
  • No extra new lines created when working with templates in samba format (fixed).
  • The nodiratime option (formerly used for automount) was removed.
  • The framebuffer resolution should be detected correctly now, as we fixed it.
  • Some versions of nvidia-drivers were unmasked to allow downgrade.
  • A new look for users listing.
  • Domain users' profiles synchronize correctly (fixed).

Calculate Utilities 3.2.1 released

Added by Alexander Tratsevskiy about 3 years ago

  • cl-update runs faster as we stopped caching Portage locally.
  • No more separate update list for Calculate Utilities: all packages will be updated together.
  • The server now starts correctly.
  • Using the -P option does not generate an error anymore.
  • Variables are set as they should be with cl-core-variables --set.
  • Fixed the primary core server configuration not being accomplished properly.

Calculate Utilities 3.2.0 released

Added by Alexander Tratsevskiy about 3 years ago


  • Clt templates revised
  • A better handling of the ~ symbol in templates (within the 'link' parameter)
  • Support added for /etc/portage/make.profile
  • A better detection of legacy video in ISOs
  • Translations added for the new templates messages


  • Grub configuration fixed
  • The UEFI bootloader now working correctly
  • You can install on a btrfs partition again
  • A variable was added for the PXE IP address
  • A better SSD detection
  • Good compatibility with the new udev system
  • Video setup improved for servers
  • Dracut support added
  • Flash install fixed
  • Updates autocheck can be configured at installation time


  • Repo synchronization added
  • The update script includes: emerging new versions, old and orphan packages removal, module rebuild (if pertinent), reconfiguration
  • Caching added for the list of packages to be installed
  • Updates autocheck added
  • The system profile can be selected from a remote overlay


  • Colored output in the command line available via WSDL
  • A new presentation for the available options list
  • Unified notifications for calculate-core and calculate-console

Calculate Utilities 3.1.9 released

Added by Alexander Tratsevskiy almost 4 years ago

  • Removed opengl setting on server distributions.
  • Fixed configure the video driver for the server.
  • Fixed configure the sound card.
  • Removed installation of a builder-mode.
  • Fixed routing configuration.
  • Resized bios_grub section.
  • Fixed installation on btrfs.
  • Added option '--swap-size' to set the swap partition size.
  • Fixed UEFI installation.
  • Added check to change readonly variables via env file.
  • Added variable 'cl_system_boot_set' to determine the boot system.
  • Fixed execution templates if LDAP is unavailable.
  • Fixed detection of network interfaces, configurable via DHCP.
  • Fixed error handling in templates.
  • Added script to restore the mount points of the domain of the user during waking machine.
  • Added cl_client_domain perform actions on upgrades.
  • Added update nss-cache when entering a domain user session.
  • Added variable 'cl_client_nscd_cache' to set the refresh rate nss cache.

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